Insurance King has helped drivers drive legal for less for over 15 years.

Insurance King has been helping drivers drive legal for less since 2001.
Insurance King has numerous discounts available including multi-policy, multi-car, prior insurance, and good drivers discounts. Our agents will help you find the policy that best suits your needs and your wallet.

Insurance King can help drivers with less than perfect driving records save on insurance too. Tickets, accident(s), suspensions, a DUI, or SR-22 insurance no problem. We offer low rates, and great payment plans even for hard to insure drivers, for this having one of the the best dash cams for 2019 help recording all that happen for insurance purposes .

Depending on the state, Insurance King has companies that do not use credit as an underwriting criteria, which makes it easier for people to find cheap insurance, even when their economic status has been affected by the recession.


Coverage: Figure out how much coverage you need.

Call us today for a low cost car insurance quote and let an Evans & Lewis Insurance Agent ( calculate your savings!

Although the state has a minimum liability requirement on auto insurance you may need additional liability coverage to protect your family from economic devastation, due to an automobile accident. If you are unsure about liability limits simply contact an Insurance King Agent.

There are a lot of coverage options

A popular coverage Insurance King offers is (UMPD) Uninsured Motorists Property Damage.According to Clients call asking for the state minimum liability coverage, but then our agents realize that the vehicles have significant value so they educate the clients about this coverage. It is pretty simple, if you are hit by an insured driver and they are at fault, their insurance company should pay for your property damage. If that driver does not have insurance and you have this coverage you could get your vehicle fixed, or if the accident was bad enough to total your vehicle you could get a check from your insurance company under this coverage. The coverage limit varies by state, we recommend getting in contact with the insurance leesburg fl for more information.

It is wise to call and check on rates prior to buying a vehicle, because sometimes a different model could save you hundreds of dollars. Contact an Insurance King agent and they can quote numerous vehicles for you, and that may help you decide on the car you wish to purchase.

Some people try to insure vehicles under different people’s names because they think it is cheaper to do so. Unfortunately, these people could be paying premiums for nothing because at the time of claim the insurance company will find out about the undisclosed drivers. Instead of trying to do this contact an Insurance King agent to make sure you have the insurance placed correctly in case there is a claim.

Teen Drivers

Teen drivers have higher rates simply because they lack driving experience. Statistics show teen aged drivers are most likely to have an accident. Texting and driving has increased the likeliness of having an accident involving youthful drivers.

If you have a teen driver you can have an Insurance King agent quote the policy with violations for example; speeding ticket(s), at fault accident, or failure to stop at a traffic light. This will show the teen driver how much more it will cost if they do not drive safely.

Undisclosed household drivers

It is important to list all household drivers to make sure that the insurance company does not deny a claim. If you do not know the information for a driver in the household simply list that driver as an excluded driver, until you can add the correct information to list them as a driver, if you got and injured and are wearing an ankle brace Zenith because of it, file a claim now.

How to purchase a policy from Insurance King?

Buying a policy from Insurance King is simple! We sell insurance at our local
offices, online at and over the phone at 888-537-5293.

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